For candidates

For candidates

Find employment and develop your career in Poland

Our company aims to help Bangladeshi citizens establish contact with Polish employers. We provide companies from the District of Lower Silesia and Opole Province in south-western Poland access to manpower resources from Bangladesh. To our Bangladeshi clients we offer support at each stage of processing, and ensure that they find decent working conditions in Poland.

Our main strength consists in our focus: we operate in a specific region, we understand its economic situation and we remain in close contact with the employers. We also understand the situation of our Bangladeshi clients who wish to find employment and develop their careers in Poland. We have you covered from the time of making the decision to come to Poland, through finding an appropriate employer and document collection and verification for the purposes of work permit and visa processing. Once you arrive in Poland, we are ready to answer your questions regarding daily life: optimising your living expenses, understanding local administrative procedures, using the system of traffic, etc.

For your convenience, we speak Bangla, English and Polish. We are also currently working on an accelerated course in Polish as a foreign language to our Bangladeshi clients that will be available on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

If you have any questions regarding employment in south-western Poland, do not hesitate to contact us.